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What is GlobeCare?

One of the goals of the Flora team is to create a decentralized platform that would be a hub for collecting and sharing data on air condition – ultimately in every corner of the globe. The key task of the platform will be to solve the problem of the risk of manipulation of air quality data in specific areas.

A significant problem when it comes to acquiring data on air quality is also the lack of a sufficient number of sensors and a high probability that they are installed in the wrong places, i.e. at sources of large amounts of exhaust gases or in urban green areas, where the air quality may be artificially high, which do not necessarily correspond to the nature of their immediate surroundings.

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Chiew Portfolio Tracking App

Best App to check your wallet balance

Chiew is a free portfolio tracking app, where you can monitor your wallets and prices of Chia, Flora and other forks. We were looking for a good app that could help us to monitor our assets and found that Chiew was the most intuitive and pleasant to use, from all of the ones that we have tested, really!

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How it all Started

TestNet Launch Launch the Flora in the private TestNet
June 2021
MainNet Launch Launch the Flora blockchain public MainNet.
Website and Media Creating a website, discord and twitter for easier interaction with potential users.
July 2021
Recovery tool for NFT rewards We have created Flora-dev-cli the tool able to recover ⅞ of the missing reward for every coin that has been farmed using NFT plot.
August 2021
Partnership with AllTheBlocks.net As a result of this cooperation, we brought to you NFT recovery for all forks on the market via AllTheBlocks site.
Cooperations Conducting business talks on many levels regarding the use of the Flora blockchain in practice.
September 2021
Meeting with University of Economics Establishing cooperation with the University of Economics
October 2021
Achieve 1EiB in Netspace Grow the Flora Netspace up to 1EiB.
November 2021
New Website Creating a new intuitive website to improve the quality of using our tools.
February 2022
White Paper Start working on the Flora White Paper and publish them on a new website.
March 2022
GlobeCare TestNet Launch the test version of the GlobeCare platform
September 2022
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

  • @joe21

    Well known hosting services expert, with extensive...


    Well known hosting services expert, with extensive experience in designing and building backend for big hosting providers and building altcoins Blockchains...

  • @ViRuS

    Experienced IT professional, Manages Application S...


    Experienced IT professional, Manages Application Services Team for software house. Discord chia community building veteran.

  • @Kapitan123

    Student Of Economics with proven experience in the...


    Student Of Economics with proven experience in the e-commerce market. A lover of investment and accounting.

  • @reflex

    Founder and CEO of a large company. Web design and...


    Founder and CEO of a large company. Web design and computer graphics hobbyist. Blockchain enthusiast for many years.

  • @zqrx

    Cryptography and programming expert.  Extremely f...


    Cryptography and programming expert.  Extremely familiar with blockchain technology.  He is the author of the Flora-dev-cli tool.

  • @SomeonePL

    Very promising, rising star, with big Python knowl...


    Very promising, rising star, with big Python knowledge. He built his own blockchain as a PoC engineering thesis.

  • @pakamon

    DevOps engineer, blockchain enthusiast present in ...


    DevOps engineer, blockchain enthusiast present in the crypto community for many years. He acts as consultant in the Flora team.