[Contest!] Chiew – track your Chia&Forks portfolio and prices

Chiew is a free portfolio tracking app, where you can monitor your wallets and prices (taken from posat.io) of Chia, Flora and other forks. 
We were looking for a good app that could help us to monitor our assets and found that Chiew was the most intuitive and pleasant to use, from all of the ones that we have tested, really!

Using this occasion, we have announced a competition named “show your chiew/flora” on our Discord server.

Since the App is available only on Android, so to include in the contest iOS users, we’re making a special rules, which will provide slots for everyone:

  • 3 prize slots for Android users
  • 2 prize slots for those who do not own Android device

The rules of the competition are simple:

  • Android users: Paste Chiew app screenshot with Flora address added there
  • Others (iOS): Paste your flora client screenshot
  • Everyone: Please paste your wallet address as a text

To enter the contest, you have to make your submission on #show-your-chiew channel at https://discord.gg/EnHk7jkWdx

We will use a bot who will randomly choose winners, and the prizes will be:

  • 1st Place – 200 XFL
  • 2d Place – 150 XFL
  • 3rd Place – 100 XFL
  • 4th Place – 50 XFL
  • 5th Place – 25 XFL

Submission deadline is next Friday, 1st October 8:00 PM UTC

Likt to the application:

Chiew – Chia & Chia Forks Tracker – Apps on Google Play