Flora 0.2.9 – Chia 1.2.9 rebase

This update is based on Chia 1.2.9 and includes many fixes and improvements that Chia made since 1.2+

This includes things like:

  • Added support for multiple wallets
  • Improved sync speed
  • Improved reading of plots
  • Better memory utilization
  • Support for DID (decentralized identity)
  • Added macOS keyring support
  • Harvester plots are now counted in farmer summary
  • Changed mechanism of loading plots (new entries in config.yaml)
  • And many, many more…

For a full changelog we recommend looking at the chia releases page:

Releases · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (github.com)

New mechanism of loading plots adds new parameters to config.yam in the harvester section, those are:

    batch_size: 300
    batch_sleep_milliseconds: 1
    interval_seconds: 120
    retry_invalid_seconds: 1200

Those values will not be added to your config.yaml automatically. What you can do:

  • Make a Flora fresh install
  • Add those parameters manually to your config.yaml
  • Regenerate config.yaml file by first deleting it, and auto-generate by executing flora init command or just simply launching the GUI. Choosing this approach will reset all other manual changes applied to the config, so do not forget to re-add them (eg plot directories, reward address)

No matter which approach you will take, please remember to always back up your config.yaml when making changes!

If you decide to do nothing and just update the client, those options will just work using their default values even not being present in the config file

Now our repository is a properly forked Chia, with the ability to inspect and compare changes with Chia itself. Our old repository has been renamed to “flora-blockchain-old” and left on our GitHub account for code transparency.

With this release, we included our own, custom-made rewrite module which will drastically speed up the time of releasing new versions of Flora each time Chia pushes an update. This module rewrites Chia to Flora on the fly. There are few implications of that methodology:

  • A new structure of log entries, now you will see a “flora_proxy:” prefix followed by “chia” word in logs. This is expected behavior that results from our new rewrite module implementation.
  • You will see references to Chia in the source code, but as stated before, this is replaced on the fly and will have no conflict with Chia when running

You can download new installers from our website (links point to GitHub releases):

Download – FLORAcoin – XFL