What is FloraCoin?

Flora is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency based on Proof of space and time. It was created by cooperation of farmers and their willingness to co-create the Chia community.

What is proof of space and time?

Proof and space and time mechanism ensures that farmer has the amount of data that he claims to have, by sending proof in a prover-verifier communication.

Why should I farm flora?

This is highly recommended for people who are farming Chia. Flora focuses on being close to Chia and the possibility of co-farming to increase farmers income without additional investment.

How to install flora?

Where to buy or sell Flora?

For now Flora is not being listed on any major exchange. But at this moment you can buy it on chia-forks-traders discord, or market.posat.io

How big is Flora's team?

Currently, there are 7 people in the Flora team. We are experienced in many fields such as: programming, cryptography, IOT, company management, finance and marketing.

Will Flora be listed in the future?

We have ambitions to be listed on the biggest crypto markets.